Arthur Gallice

is a multi-disciplinary visual artist whose work includes painting, sculpture, multi-media and live performance.

Arthur perceives life as art. He is always creating new artistic concepts and ways to challenge our perceptions.

"Art is a communion of one soul to another, offered through a symbolic language of form and content."

Arthur has been commissioned by numerous brands and also work hand-in-hand with major advertising companies to create tailor-made concept for live performances and art shows.


 2007 - "696" Group Exhibition DuoLun MoMA Shanghai, China.

2010 - "Art Lounge" Group Show 3 on the Bund Shanghai, China.

2012 - "Chunking Express" Kult gallery Singapore.

2015 - "Art All Night" Washington DC, USA.

2015 - "Glow Festival", Georgetown DC, USA.


2004 - 1st Price - Short Film in 48h Festival Paris